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24 March 2008 @ 10:00 pm
Oh no, that's just his arms, if you wanna know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss (that's where it is)...

So, limewire decided to stop being a fucktard and actually start downloading my shit, so I've been downloading songs that have been in my head for the past week or two...songs that included are Cher's version of It's In His Kiss, formally known as the Shoop Shoop Song (? I'm seriously not kidding), and that one by Rihanna...you know, the one about rain and that rhymes with jumbrella...

I'm back at Vassar, and have just had my first class in, oh, a little bit more than two weeks. I've realized that my classes end at May 6th, which is so much earlier than I thought they would end, so basically, 6 weeks of class left! I'm really excited. So basically, my schedule of major events during the rest of this year is:

- May 6th: Classes end
- May 9th: My Chemical Romance concert, what what
- May 19th: End of exams
- May 25th: Cousin's wedding that I must attend, and expect some sort of new development in family drama
- Sometime at the end of May: Go back to Seoul for a few days - a week
- Sometime early June: Go back to Saudi Arabia
- For the rest of the month of June/beginning of July: travel around Greece, Turkey, Kuwait, possibly Bahrain
- Rest of summer until the end of August/beginning of September: VASSARRR

So basically you all have a nice little schedule of my life until September, yay you!


The weather's finally getting really nice and sunny, and we all know what that means: the invasion of prospies! If you didn't know what a prospie was, it's basically short for a 'prospective students'. As college decisions come out in, oh, a week or so, a ton of parents and high school seniors have invaded the campus, as well as some of my classes. Today a girl with no obvious sense of style (wearing a striped, black and white shirt, a black vest over that, a flowy skirt with red flowers over it, jeans underneath that, and black converses) came into my class, saying "Hi! I'm ______, I'm a senior from high school, and I'm so glad to be able to join your class today!", thinking that if she were nice to the college freshmen or my professor, she'll get into Vassar, or something.

I looked over at the girl next to me (named Lauren Bell) and she shared my feeling of disgust. As we left the classroom today, the girl went over to our professor to thank her for the "wonderful class" and the girl that was sitting next to me just goes, "I think I just threw up in my mouth, a little."

Oh, Lauren Bell, how you make me laugh.


So I've reverted back to my obsession with tic tacs (IT'S ALL LINH'S FAULT, SHE STARTED THE TOPIC WAY BACK IN ONE OF HER LJ POSTS), and have bought two Wintergreen tic tac boxes. I opened one absent-mindedly and now I can't tell which one that I opened...I don't want to open two at the same time, that's just bad taste, but the damned perforations are basically non-existent...maybe I'll open this one....


mood: contentcontent
music: It's In His Kiss (Shoop Shoop) - Cher