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12 March 2008 @ 08:04 am
Greetings from Northwestern!

It really has been awesome being at Northwestern + Sara (good GOD it's been so long since we've last been together). Meeting her friends has actually been really cool; all of them are really nice and seem to be really great people. One of her friends, Kate, actually told me:

"Sam, why don't you come and visit us more often? I've only known you for 3ish hours and already I really like you!"

...Yeah that does sound creepy if you don't actually hear her say it, but, hey, it's a nice little ego boost. I mean, it really goes without saying that you'll like me upon meeting me, but, whatever, what's wrong with a little praise sometimes?

BUT YES so I've basically toured Northwestern, and am meeting up with Josh, my cousin who goes to Northwestern, tomorrow. He's the really perfect one that I kind of resent because of that fact, and he writes sickeningly emotional entries in his MySpace blog about how being in so-and-so play (he's a drama dude) changed his life, or something similar. It's really kind of obnoxious. This is the cousin who told me that, when he auditioned to be Marius in his high school production of Les Mis (which he got), people watching his audition actually cried.


OH YES! I watched Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, and I really really liked it. It was so cute.

Oh, and:


Oh, and why isn't there going to be new episodes of Pushing Daisies in the near future? This is depressing me.

Tomorrow I go into Chicago tomorrow! Yay!

Maxed out credit cards, here we come!
mood: excitedexcited